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Brackets - The iPhone cover with a build-in stand

Brackets - The iPhone cover with a build-in stand

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Introducing Brackets, our MagSafe-enabled Frosted Cover with a built-in foldable stand, designed to elevate your smartphone experience.This innovative cover offers a unique and hassle-free solution for watching content, shooting videos, making video calls, and attending meetings on the go. 

Key Features:

  1. Foldable Stand: Say goodbye to the frustration of searching for a stand or dealing with time-consuming setups. Our Frosted Cover comes with a convenient foldable stand that pops out effortlessly, allowing you to prop up your phone at the perfect angle for hands-free viewing and content creation.

  2. MagSafe Compatibility: Designed with MagSafe technology, this cover ensures a secure and precise attachment to your iPhone. Experience seamless connectivity and enjoy the convenience of effortless snap-on and snap-off functionality.

  3. Ultimate Protection: Your phone is precious, and we understand that. With this MagSafe-enabled cover, your device is shielded from everyday wear and tear, keeping it safe and secure in style.

  4. Sleek and Practical Design: The frosted finish adds a touch of elegance to your phone while maintaining a slim and lightweight profile. It perfectly complements your device's aesthetics and functionality.


Why Choose Our Frosted Cover with Built-in Stand?

  • Versatile and Hands-Free: Enjoy hands-free media consumption, video calls, and more with the foldable stand, making it a perfect companion for work, travel, or leisure.

  • Quick and Convenient: Easily snap on the cover to your MagSafe-enabled iPhone, ensuring a secure fit without any complicated setups or adjustments.

  • On-the-Go Efficiency: Streamline your daily tasks with the built-in stand, whether you're checking notifications, following a recipe, or attending virtual meetings.


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